[cisco-bba] IP Pool selection from Radius server

philippe.hamet at orange-ftgroup.com philippe.hamet at orange-ftgroup.com
Thu Feb 18 04:54:45 EST 2010

Hi all, 

I am trying to work out how Cisco IP pool selection can be implemented in a PPPoe environment.

BRAS : Cisco 7206, IOS 12.2-31(SB8)

Let's say that I have 2 IP pools locally defined in the BRAS with different ranges of IP addresses: 

ip local pool pool-area1 
ip local pool pool-area2

I can configure the Radius server to send in the right attribute (or probably a VSA) the string "pool-area1" or "pool-area2" to the 7206 in order to perform the right selection but I don't know how to configure the 7206 to accept IP-Pool selection from Radius server.

Can somebody help or provide links ?




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