[cisco-bba] How to reset DSCP/TOS on LNS?

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 03:28:33 EDT 2010

Hi Andy,

You could do it by applying a QoS policy via Cisco-AVPair RADIUS attributes, eg:


You would then have a policy on the 7200 something like this:
ip access-list extended match-ip-any
 permit ip any any
class-map match-any class-ip-any
 match access-group name match-ip-any
policy-map qos-policy-reset0
 class class-ip-any
  set ip dscp 0

You might be able to achieve the same without all the class-map stuff by just using "class-default" to match and set that to zero, eg:

policy-map qos-policy-reset0

 class class-default

  set ip dscp 0

You would have to test. We have found result vary depending on platform and features and so we use the "longer" way as we know it works more consistently.

Reset the users session and you should be good to go when they next connect.

Results can be seen using the normal "show policy-map" command, eg:

LNS#show policy-map int virtual-access 2053

We are doing this on 7204 running 12.2(33)SRD1 without any problems.

If you want to do some actual queuing/shaping then you should look to use a parent shaper to shape to the DSL link speed with a child policy to implement your actual QoS.


--- On Thu, 2/9/10, Andy Saykao <andy.saykao at staff.netspace.net.au> wrote:

I'm looking for a way to 
re-mark customer packets as it enters/hits the LNS. 
Eg: cust_1 --upload-->> [ LNS ] --download-->> 
- In my example cust_1 
and cust_2 are both on the same LNS.
- cust_1 is 
uploading a file to cust_2.
- Is there a way to reset 
the DSCP/TOS value of packets coming from cust_1?
LNS is a Cisco 7301 
running 12.2(31)SB14.

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