[cisco-bba] Multiple virtual circuits over single link

Darren O'Connor darrenoc at outlook.com
Tue Oct 9 13:51:44 EDT 2012

We currently have a couple of 7200 NPE-G2's running as LNS's terminating l2tp links from British Telecommunications (BT)

Is it at all possible to run more than 1 virtual circuit over a single DSL/FTTC link?

Basically sometimes customers of ours will be running 2 VRFs (guest wireless, whatever). It's very easy to separate these 2 VRFs over the WAN using subinterfaces on the primary ethernet link. However the DSL/FTTC backup interface can only be part of one VRF because there is only one virtual-circuit.

Any ideas? I've tried to run multiple pppoe sessions over a DSL link before and it never allowed me to have more than 1 active at any one time.

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