[cisco-bba] Multiple virtual circuits over single link

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At the moment we do in fact use a GRE tunnel that terminates on a firewall connecting to the customers network. It does work, but would be ideal if it were 'cleaner' in the sense that it just had it's own VC. 

As for L2TP. I'm not 100% sure how that will work. Currently BT carry all traffic from the CPE to my LNS over an L2TP tunnel. How would I run L2TP on top of that?

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One option would be to do a GRE or L2TP tunnel from the Customer CPE device.  
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It is technically possible, but as you do not operate the last mile (BT...), not sure what services they could offer.

What you could do is create an IP overlay over the regular IP uplink... So you have the PPPoE session for connectivity and the main service, and then use a GRE tunnel terminating in the other service VRF on the CE device to tunnel the traffic to where
 it should go on your infrastructure. If you need Layer 2 extension, you could look at L2TPv3
On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 10:51 AM, Darren O'Connor 
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We currently have a couple of 7200 NPE-G2's running as LNS's terminating l2tp links from British Telecommunications (BT)

Is it at all possible to run more than 1 virtual circuit over a single DSL/FTTC link?

Basically sometimes customers of ours will be running 2 VRFs (guest wireless, whatever). It's very easy to separate these 2 VRFs over the WAN using subinterfaces on the primary ethernet link. However the DSL/FTTC backup interface can only be part of one VRF
 because there is only one virtual-circuit.

Any ideas? I've tried to run multiple pppoe sessions over a DSL link before and it never allowed me to have more than 1 active at any one time.



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