[cisco-bba] 7204VXR vs ASR1001-x (as LNS / provider is LAC)

Stephen Fulton sf at lists.esoteric.ca
Sun Feb 12 15:14:43 EST 2017

You will not be able to load balance using your switch.  In all 
probability, your carrier will round-robin between your LNS end-points 
and not necessarily in an equal fashion.  This can become an issue when 
a large portion of your PPPoE sessions reconnect following an outage 
inside the carrier network.  You may be better served with three LNS'es 
rather than two, to account for such events and give you breathing room.

On 2017-02-12 2:21 PM, Bruce Technical wrote:
> And we ask the switch to somehow load balance things?

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