[cisco-bba] 7204VXR vs ASR1001-x (as LNS / provider is LAC)

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As per a lot of other responses, the main difference is throughput. If your requirements are low, then you can still get away with the 7200 for a while. Spares are cheap (2nd hand) make sure you have some on hand.

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We are entering the DSL reseller market and costs for ASR1001-x or ASR1002-x are in the $20k+ for Cisco ASR1001-x + IP Advance Licenses + 500 Sessions.
We are considering used 7204VXR. What is it in ASR1001-x that 7204VXR can't do for example?
Our Service Provider require LNS/LAC, L2TP, VRF, and Radius.

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