[cisco-nas] cisco-avpair vs Ascend-Data-Filter

Aaron Leonard Aaron at Cisco.COM
Fri Jul 16 18:55:46 EDT 2004

> >  From what I can recall the ascend data filter attribute is technically a
> > vendor specific attribute.

> The strange part though is that it works fine on the routers and is
> silently ignored on the access-servers.  I didn't see anything about it
> with deb aaa (authen|author|per-user) and a few other debugs on.

Support for Ascend attribute 242 was added in 11.3 (according to 
and so definitely should be supported in 12.1.  This is not
platform dependent so the AS5xxx should not behave any
differently than a 36xx.

Looks like there was a problem with attribute 242 filters 
working properly for IP protocols 50 and 51 (IPsec) -
CSCdv83040 which was fixed in 12.2(6.4).  This doesn't sound
like your issue though.


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