[cisco-nas] modem not negotiating when receive ANI on ISDN/PRI

Aaron Leonard Aaron at cisco.com
Tue Jun 14 16:00:50 EDT 2005

Hi Rodney,

Well, your debugs are bizarre.  Here's the crux of the failing call:

> *Jun 14 15:00:00.719: Mica Modem(2/1): Call Setup
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.719: csm_connect_pri_vdev: TS allocated at bp_stream 1,
> bp_Ch 0,vdev_common 0x613A9618
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.723: ISDN Se2:23: TX ->  CALL_PROC pd = 8  callref = 
> 0x8242
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.723:         Channel ID i = 0xA98381
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.723: ISDN Se2:23: TX ->  ALERTING pd = 8  callref = 
> 0x8242
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.771: Mica Modem(2/1): State Transition to Call Setup
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.771: Mica Modem(2/1): Went offhook
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.771: CSM_PROC_IC2_RING: CSM_EVENT_MODEM_OFFHOOK at slot
> 2, port 1
> **Jun 14 15:00:00.771: CSM_RX_CAS_EVENT_FROM_NEAT:(006A):  
> EVENT_CALL_IDLE at slot 2 port 1 cause 201*
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.771: CSM_PROC_IC3_WAIT_FOR_RES_RESP:
> CSM_EVENT_DSX0_DISCONNECTED at slot 2, port 1
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.771: Mica Modem(2/1): Soft Reset
> *Jun 14 15:00:00.775: CSM(2/1): Enter csm_enter_disconnecting_state

The highlighted debug is the problem ... we are in the middle of
setting up a call using ISDN, but suddenly NEAT (which is the
framer code for the CT1) has told CSM (Call Switching Module, the
IOS code responsible for modem call handling) that *CAS* (i.e. RBS)
signaling has told it to hang up the call.  If ISDN signaling is
being used on a span, then NEAT should never be looking for
CAS A/B bit signal transitions - something has clearly gone awry.

I do see that you have some spans configured for winkstart CAS
(e&m-fgb) and others for PRI, so perhaps NEAT has gotten confused.

One thought: have you reconfigured one of your T1s without rebooting?
You shouldn't HAVE to reboot after a reconfiguration, but maybe
the NEAT logic wasn't reset after a reconfiguration?  (Just a stab
in the dark.)

I was not able to find a known bug matching this syndrome.

I do see that you are running 12.2(2)XA, which is somewhat iffy code.
(It was the first 12.2 code with support for the AS5400 and for
V.92/V.44.)  If the reboot idea doesn't help any, I would upgrade
IOS ... I'd probably go to a 12.3 mainline image such as 12.3(5e)
or 12.3(15).



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