[cisco-nas] Virtaul-profile feature Set

Andris Zarins andris.zarins at microlink.lv
Mon Mar 7 12:00:09 EST 2005

Yep, this really is the one I was thinking about:

Cisco Bug ID CSCdu05390, it is mandatory to configure a minimum of two dialer-pool interfaces. A router configured with a single dialer profile interface binds all incoming calls to that profile by default, and the virtual template is never utilized for any call.

If you say it's solved - OK, might be, 12.3(10) with bogus dialer works fine for me. But symptoms, Ahmad described, are somewhat the same as this BUG. 


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At 05:51 PM 3/7/2005 +0200, Andris Zarins wrote:

>Virtual-profiles are created by default in 12.3, so 'virtual-profile aaa' 
>is no longer needed. But be warned - there was a BUG in 12.3(10), I'm not 
>sure is it fixed now.

I think you are referring to CSCdu05390, fixed in 12.3(10) and later.

I don't think that this is likely the issue that Ahmad is seeing, since
this bug existed in 12.2, too.


>  Bug was very simple - if there is only one Dialer interface in this 
> dialer-pool, no virtual interfaces will be created. You have to create 
> and add to your dialer-profile at least one bogus Dialer interface, only 
> then you will get virtual-access interfaces created.
>Hope this helps :)
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>I have Cisco 3640 with 12.3(11)T3 IP Plus FeatureSet (c3640-is-mz.123-11.T3).
>I want to configure virtual profiles. These profilesshoul be used, when 
>they are needed.Normally the configuration should look like this :
>virtual-profile if-neededvirtual-profile virtual-template 1virtual-profile aaa
>Since my update from 12.2 to 12.3(T) the line"virtual-profile aaa" is away.
>Any ideas, why this happen?Is this command not supported with IP Plus ?Is 
>there a new way to configure this option ?
>Regards,  Ahmad
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