[cisco-nas] Problems with digital modems (NM-xDM)

Aaron Leonard Aaron at Cisco.COM
Fri Mar 11 13:02:37 EST 2005


I assume that you are referring to either MICA HMMs or DMMs
(6- or 12-port modules) of different hardware revs on the
same carrier card/NM or to NextPort CSMV/6 modules of
different revs on the same DFC.

In the case of MICA, this would definitely be supported
as HMMs and DMMs are FRUs (field replaceable units.)
CSMV/6es are not FRUs on NextPort DFCs however so
I would think it would be quite odd to see different revs
within the same DFC.




>I have a question regarding to digital modems.
>Is it possible to mix different modem hardware versions on
>one Network Module ?
>We have a network module with different versions on it. The digital
>modems functioned properly for aproximately 2 days, after that
>one after another was marked as bad. A normal reload was not enough
>to re-enable the modems. We had to power off the router in order
>to re-enable them.
>I'am not sure, whether the problems with this modems relate to the
>different hardware versions on the network module.
>Perhaps there is only a hardware failure.
>We have on other access-router with digital modems no problems.
>The difference to this network module is that the digital modem
>hardware version on the other one are all the same.
>Could this be the reason ?
>Any hints ?
>  Ahmad

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