[cisco-nas] General question to 12.3(x) on 3640 Router

Ahmad Cheikh Moussa acm at netuse.de
Thu Mar 17 06:59:13 EST 2005


I tried it again and I found the problem.
The dialin now works properly.
The problem was that the "ppp chap hostname XXXX" was not
configured in the virtual-template interface, but it was configured in
the dialier interface. With 12.2 or 12.3.(x)T this problem was not 
there. The router send it's hostname on all dialin interfaces.
With 12.3 this bahvior must have changed and therefore I had
problems with the dialin.

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Josh Duffek wrote:
> Did you save the debugs?  Did you have any modem debugs on?  If you have those send em over and would be a lot easier for someone to answer.
> Thanks,
> josh duffek    network engineer
> consultantjd16 at ridemetro.org
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>>I have question regarding to 12.3 on a 3640.
>>I use the cisco as a dialin Server for ISDN and
>>analog dialin. With this IOS Version I've got a
>>strange dialin behavior. During debugging I could see
>>that isdn dialin, ppp negotiation, radius authentication
>>and ipcp negotiation works correctly. After negotiating
>>the ip address, the router disconnects the dialin user,
>>without any error message.
>>When I change to 12.3(XX)T release, I got a "normal"
>>dialin and no problems occur. The configuration of the
>>router is not changed.
>>Did anyone knows about problems witt ppp in 12.3(xx) ?
>>  Ahmad
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