[cisco-nas] Re: [c-nsp] AS5300 Dropped Calls

Eric Knudson ericknudson at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 03:53:59 EST 2005

(dropping nsp and adding nas)

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 17:46:05 +0200, Mark Tinka
<mtinka at africaonline.co.sz> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have a situation where some customers may drop calls after a few
> seconds-to-minutes of dial-up connection. In some cases, either the phone
> line (noisy), modem or modem driver has been the cause, and problem
> rectified.
> In other cases, phone line's good (even less than <= 800m from CO), modem and
> modem configuration are in order, but the line will still cut after a few
> moments of connectivity.
> The AS5300 has been configured for 56K access. I have tried different
> modulation schemes to try and solve this problem, testing v.90 and v.92 (v.34
> won't offer over 33.6Kbps, and some customers can support 52Kbps with no line
> drops, but haven't tested it long enough to confirm problem resolution).
> So I left the async lines to auto-negotiate line parameters with the customer
> once they connect, but that doesn't seem to have solved the problem. What's
> strange is that a previous purely analog NAS didn't have this problem (unless
> the customer had an idle-timeout set).
> Anyone have any idea how the AS5300 can be tuned to deal with this? PRI lines
> have been delivered on HDSL/G.703, and D-channel interfaces on the AS5300
> aren't reporting any line errors.
> All help appreciated.
> Mark.
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