[nsp] SNMP FOREVER (7200/12.2.X)

kf kf@reign.sk
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:07:19 +0200

Hello Everybody!

Have to complain about SNMP... *GRIN*... in IOS .. *GRIN*.. ...again..

I had to upgrade to 12.2.mainline because, of full duplex support on PA-4E (7200)... *GRIN*..
Currently running on 12.2.10b and the problem is here also....

Box have ATM/FE/ETH/E1 interfaces.. and here comes the tale:

In OLD-CISCO-INTERFACES-MIB, there is an description for each interface locIfDescr
When I walk over this OID . , I can see only first 45 interfaces....and then nothing... I have a lot of ATM
subinf and E1 group interfaces.. On another BOX, where for the same reasons I have to run same software, I have only PA-4E and 8
ports X.21 interfaces.. Together, there is more interfaces then 45. If I do same SNMP walk, I can see all of them...

Any help?... over bug listing, no approp. bug found ... Previous IOS 12.0.21S....