[nsp] provding shared service

Stephen Gill gillsr@yahoo.com
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 12:28:59 -0500

Sounds doable... I've seen it done on CatOS, presumably there may be an
equivalent in the Hybrid OS:

set qos enable
set qos policer aggregate <POL name> rate 1000 burst 5000 drop 
set qos acl ip <ACL name> trust-ipprec aggregate <POL name> ip any any
commit qos acl all
set port qos <switch port> port-based
set qos acl map <ACL name> <switch port>
show qos stat ...

I'm not 100% sure if you can use both port and vlan policers in unison.
Have you visited CCO? 


-- steve

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Is it possible to provide a shared service on an
ethernet LAN? For example on a particular VLAN, we
will rate limit all the traffic on the VLAN to 5 Mbs
but each server on the VLAN has a CIR of 1Mbs
burstable to 5Mbs (they can only burst when the other
servers are not using their own CIRs).
VLAN terminates on a 6509 pfc2/msfc2 running
I have already configured rate limiting on a per VLAN
basis using per interface policers and policy maps.
Is this doable or do I need a separate bandwidth
manager for this?


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