[nsp] Channelized DS3

Temkin, David temkin at sig.com
Mon Aug 4 11:20:38 EDT 2003

There is the NM-1T3/E3, but it's very restrictive in what 36xx platforms it
can go in:
Cisco 265x XM 
Cisco 2691 
Cisco 3660 
Cisco 3725 
Cisco 3745 

However, it's disqualified for this - it doesn't support channelized T3,
only clear-channel.


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HSSI is only a single channel.  A channelized T3 is a bundle of 28 T1
interfaces.  The goal would be for the router to see  the DS3 circuit as 28
separate serial interfaces coming in on one DS3. I could have sworn my Cisco
rep mentioned a 3600 series NM for that purpose once, but I could be
mistaken.  I can pull up the e-mail he sent me when I get into the office
later today.

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>> What's the cheapest way to terminate a channelized DS3 circuit into a 
>> Cisco router?  Can this be done on a 2600 series, or do we have to 
>> move up to a 7200?
>> thanks...
>Well, I haven't yet come this far with my WANs, but wouldn't an HSSI 
>interface do? It can do some 52Mbps or so? Haven't really used it 
>before, so I can't offer more than this.
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