[nsp] Channelized DS3

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No, it needs to be *MC* multi-channel.


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On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Temkin, David wrote:
> True.  I've priced both out and it's a tough call, but a second-hand
> 7200 will still set you back at least $5500 versus the $7500 of the
> and later on down the road he could swap out that CT3 PA for an OC-3
PA and
> not choke, versus a second hand 7200 w/ an NPE-200.  You also won't
> end-of-life hardware that Cisco doesn't develop software for anymore
> bug fixes.  The 7401 also has the same processing capability of the

Can the 7140-2T3 do channelized T3? They can be had second hand very 
cheaply and are reasonably powerful.

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