[nsp] Channelized DS3

Mike Carter mike.c at altatechnologies.com
Mon Aug 4 12:29:17 EDT 2003

It is amazing how tight the market has gotten on the PA-MC-T3's  We used to
sell them under 2K less than 1 year ago...I wish I had 100 of them right
now.  As a stocking Vendor we jump on them (now) anywhere under $4k...and
are able to sell them wholsale mid-high 4's--thought this might help as
you're shopping---if you find one in that area you're doing well.  The non
vxr-200's are cheap.   You would likely be over $6,000 for the non-vxr
7204-200 with the mc-t3 card.

Good luck!

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"Temkin, David" <temkin at sig.com> writes:

> You're going to have to go to at least the 7200 series... If you want
> something relatively cheap to do it in and don't need much expandability,
> the 7401 is a great deal..  You can get one PA (the CT3 PA I'd assume) in
> there.

I respectfully disagree - If you want something relatively cheap and
don't need much expandability (or the ability to hold more than 1 BGP
view), a secondhand non-VXR 7206 or 7204 with an NPE150 or NPE200 will
do you just fine, and at a fraction of the street price of a new 7401
(you also get extra slots in the bargain).

Unfortunately, the channelized T3 interface is going to be your
biggest cost.  the PA-MC-T3 and PA-MC-2T3 cards have gotten a lot more
expensive in recent months... time was they were down to sub-$2k on
eBay; now they're back up over $4k.

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