[nsp] 12.3T - a niiiiice feature :)

Kevin Kincaid KKincaid at classmates.com
Wed Aug 6 10:51:49 EDT 2003

Ever try reloading a border router (like a 7200 or higher) that is in a
production environment.  It takes a while.  A "warm reload" would shave off
several minutes a reboot (my definition of reboot is power cycling the
device and waiting until all routes have re-converged to its state prior to
the power cycle).  During maintenance, this time savings could add up.
During a normal business day or a freak circumstance, when a reboot suddenly
seems the best option, this would help decrease downtime.

Agreed.  Nice feature

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On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 01:16:35PM +0200, Tomas Daniska wrote:
> > Why would I want to reload the router apart from upgrading 
> > the IOS image?  
> there are plethory of people who *must* reload on more-or-less regular
> basis. for *any* reasons

Why?  Reboots are for hardware changes...

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