[nsp] Traffic balancing problem

Lucas Iglesias l.iglesias at tiba.com
Fri Aug 8 11:26:13 EDT 2003

Hi all,

We have a 7206 with 2 DS3 cards in Slots 3 and 5 (connected to providers)
and 3 PA-8T in Slots 2,4 and 6, where we have only one customer connected
through S2/0, S4/0 and S6/0 and which we are running eBGP between loopbacks
and OSPF for load balancing between the three links.
We have had configured the return path only from the provider in the DS3 in
Slot 3, but yesterday we changed all the return path to the provider in Slot
5. Suddenly, the load balancing with the customer stop working, even though
when in the routing table the three paths were installed to reach his
loopback address.
We tried resetting the OSPF process, changing it to EIGRP, reseting the
interfaces ... nothing. We couldn't make it work again until we changed back
the traffic return to the DS3 in Slot 3.

Sounds like the Slot position has something to do with it.

Any kind of help will be very appreciate.
Thank you. 

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