[nsp] CBWFQ (in GTS) causes voice delay?

Tomas Daniska tomas at tronet.com
Tue Aug 12 15:32:23 EDT 2003

if you have correctly implemented llq, then your voice will allways have
priority. if the symptoms you describe are true then probably you have a
configuration error in classification



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> Subject: [nsp] CBWFQ (in GTS) causes voice delay?
> Is this correct?
> (IOS 12.1(5)T on 3640)
> I am implementing CBWFQ for a low priority, bursty, TCP 
> source and a strict priority (LLQ), approx. CBR, voice aggregate. 
> It seems that the CBWFQ first clears the TCP queue after the 
> burst has passed then FIFO queueing (of the voice traffic) 
> resumes after the congestion has passed. So the voice traffic 
> following a data burst is delayed significantly while the 
> CBWFQ clears the low priority TCP queue that has been created 
> during congestion. Ideally it should remain in 'congestion' 
> (CBWFQ) state to ensure voice traffic is still prioritised out.  
> Sorry if this seems a little academic, but it does seem to 
> affect the voice traffic.
> Thanks, Paul
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