[nsp] zytek AC power supplies

Ralph Doncaster ralph at istop.com
Wed Aug 13 10:51:03 EDT 2003

I have a 7200 with a Zytek supply:
Power supply 2 is Zytek AC Power Supply. Unit is on.

A few weeks ago the 7200 started spontaneously rebooting:
System returned to ROM by power-on

It does this every 1-3 days with no pattern in the timing.  It's plugged
into an APC masterswitch PDU, and none of the other equipment in the same
PDU has rebooted.  In case it was a bad outlet in the PDU, I got my tech
to move it to a different outlet in the PDU.  I'm still getting reboots.

Other than the reboots there's no other indication I can find of something
wrong with the power supply:
Voltage readings:
        +3.45 V  measured at +3.49 V
        +5.15 V  measured at +5.19 V
        +12.15 V measured at +12.34 V
        -11.95 V measured at -11.81 V

I'm used to power supplies completely failing, but I haven't seen a power
supply act like this before.  Would the situation I've described be
indicative of anything other than a power supply that needs replacement?

Ralph Doncaster, IStop.com president
6042147 Canada Inc.

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