[nsp] zytek AC power supplies

Clinton Work clinton at scripty.com
Wed Aug 13 11:07:27 EDT 2003

I have seen random power-on events before with a 7206 (AC power supply).
Replacing the power
supply with an RMA from Cisco resolved the issue.

Clinton Work                 clinton at scripty.com
Airdrie, AB

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Subject: [nsp] zytek AC power supplies

> I have a 7200 with a Zytek supply:
> Power supply 2 is Zytek AC Power Supply. Unit is on.
> A few weeks ago the 7200 started spontaneously rebooting:
> System returned to ROM by power-on
> It does this every 1-3 days with no pattern in the timing.  It's plugged
> into an APC masterswitch PDU, and none of the other equipment in the same
> PDU has rebooted.  In case it was a bad outlet in the PDU, I got my tech
> to move it to a different outlet in the PDU.  I'm still getting reboots.

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