[nsp] zytek AC power supplies

Streiner, Justin streiner at stargate.net
Wed Aug 13 12:58:39 EDT 2003

If you have an extra power supply, go ahead and install it in the other
bay.  If the router continues to reboot, it may be something like the
connection between the processor and the midplane.  I had a 7206VXR start
to do the exact same thing to me shortly after replacing the NPE-300 with
an NPE-G1.  Very bizarre.


On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Ralph Doncaster wrote:

> I have a 7200 with a Zytek supply:
> Power supply 2 is Zytek AC Power Supply. Unit is on.
> A few weeks ago the 7200 started spontaneously rebooting:
> System returned to ROM by power-on
> It does this every 1-3 days with no pattern in the timing.  It's plugged
> into an APC masterswitch PDU, and none of the other equipment in the same
> PDU has rebooted.  In case it was a bad outlet in the PDU, I got my tech
> to move it to a different outlet in the PDU.  I'm still getting reboots.
> Other than the reboots there's no other indication I can find of something
> wrong with the power supply:
> Voltage readings:
>         +3.45 V  measured at +3.49 V
>         +5.15 V  measured at +5.19 V
>         +12.15 V measured at +12.34 V
>         -11.95 V measured at -11.81 V
> I'm used to power supplies completely failing, but I haven't seen a power
> supply act like this before.  Would the situation I've described be
> indicative of anything other than a power supply that needs replacement?
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> 6042147 Canada Inc.
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