[nsp] 7606 questions

Rajeshbansal9 at aol.com Rajeshbansal9 at aol.com
Thu Aug 14 12:19:26 EDT 2003

 Hi All:

I am thinking of using a 7606 with a 8 port gig e classic blade, use sup II 
with msfc2/pfc2, csm blade, and 48 port 10/100/1000. NO SFM or fiber modules in 
this puppy. 

I understand that all these cards have 8 gig to the backplane. I am planning 
on sending 5 gig from the 48 port module to the uplinks ( 5 gig bundles of 
802.3ad) to two separate routers connected to the 7606. So the msfc2 wiill be the 
def gw of the 48 port clients and the defautlt gateway of 7606 will be the 
802.3ad bundles of 5 gig each. Might consider running ospf but for now 803.ad. . 
The CSM is going to field about 1 gig of Layer 4 traffic with some PBR on the 
client interface on msfc2 .

Any one sees any issues with regards to buffering on linecards, espeially the 
48 port 10/100/1000. Granted the databus is 16 gb FD, any issues with 
backplane congestion, etc.

Any input will be highly appreciated.



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