[nsp] Uploading Cisco Configuration via SNMP

Engin ZEREN engin at bimel.com.tr
Tue Aug 19 10:08:40 EDT 2003

Dear all,
The network contains several Cisco805 routers and they dial access-server many times a day.
Since the network consists of several routers and I have to update a few parameters on the router configuration, I am looking for a program or snmp
tool that will   authomatically loads  configuration  paramaters to the routers, which connect to the access-server after a successful authentication.
I know SolarWinds  upload-config tool named Cisco Uploader can load configuration  manually.
Is there a way to make such as  this tools possible to automatically load  a new configuration parameters automatically to the routers connected via dialup
connection ? Does CiscoWorks Resource Manager support such a tool?

Best regards


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