[nsp] Uploading Cisco Configuration via SNMP

Streiner, Justin streiner at stargate.net
Tue Aug 19 03:27:07 EDT 2003

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Engin ZEREN wrote:

> The network contains several Cisco805 routers and they dial access-server many times a day.
> Since the network consists of several routers and I have to update a few parameters on the router configuration, I am looking for a program or snmp
> tool that will   authomatically loads  configuration  paramaters to the routers, which connect to the access-server after a successful authentication.
> I know SolarWinds  upload-config tool named Cisco Uploader can load configuration  manually.
> Is there a way to make such as  this tools possible to automatically load  a new configuration parameters automatically to the routers connected via dialup
> connection ? Does CiscoWorks Resource Manager support such a tool?

This may or may not be possible on the smaller routers like the 800 series
or the SOHO70/90 series routers because they don't appear to support a
large chunk of the newer MIBs.  I have a system that downloads configs
from routers on a regular basis and checks them into a version control
system.  This works fine on just about everything down to a 1600, but the
smaller boxes I had to write an expect script to log in to the router and
pull the config off that way.  I had no luck with either the OLD cisco

I would expect you may run unto similar troubles attempting to upload a
config to the router.


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