[nsp] MLPPP problems in 12.0(25)S1?

Siva Valliappan svalliap at cisco.com
Tue Aug 19 15:12:19 EDT 2003

> Another strange indication is that when the input queue drops are happening,
> the "show int multilinkX" has 0* throttles in the output.  Have never seen
> an asterisk appear in the output of a show interface command.

if an "*" appears next to the counter under throttles, it means the interface
is currently under throttle and dropping packets.   it looks like the
router placed the interface under throttle and never removed it, causing
the behaviour you saw.

it is definitely a bug.  i did a quick run through of your bug database
and don't see anything that matches up with the symptoms you describe.  i
would suggest asking your TAC case owner to file a bug and get this

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