[nsp] AS5350 IOS

Security at CYTANET security at cytanet.com.cy
Tue Aug 19 12:37:42 EDT 2003

  Hello all

I have some as 5350 access-servers running IOS.121-5.XM8. I upgrated one of
them first to 122-15.T5.bin and then to 123.1a taking into  account the
recomendations from Cisco to avoid problems due to the recent

When i Uploaded the above IOS to the AS5350, ISDN calls are unseccesfull
while PSTN calls are OK. Downgrading to my old IOS (121-5.XM8) everything
went back to normal. I made some extended debuging on the Access-servers
which shows that ISDN calls are normaly disconnected form the Acess-servers.

Can you please advise on the problem and/or recommend a working IOS. Did
Cisco put some new commands on the new IOS which I need to enable/disable in
order to facilitate ISDN calls on the Access-servers?

Thanks for your advice.

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