[nsp] Switch/Router to use in colocation

Kenny Stoltz kenny at qx.net
Wed Aug 20 07:52:14 EDT 2003

I've been using several lower end catalyst switches (3548, 2924) 
combined with a 7500 series router to run colocation. We're now pushing 
the 100+mb/s range in our colocation and I'm finding lots of problems 
with our this setup in general. Specifically the ISL trunks get maxed 
out easily and the VTP domain is a bit of a nightmare to manage.

I'm looking at upgrading to the catalyst 6509 with an MSFC or a similar 
large catalyst switch. What I'd like to do is have one big device that 
can speak EIGRP or alternatively a fast switch with gigabit uplinks into 
a reasonably powerful router. I'd like this to scalable to at least 300 
colocated customers with probably 200mbits of bandwidth in, as I assume 
I'm going to be paying out some serious cash and I don't want to have to 
make that sort of investment again. Does anyone have experience with a 
high-bandwidth ethernet coloc setup with full compliment of access-lists 
and traffic shaping who might have some recommendations?


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