[nsp] Switch/Router to use in colocation

Martin Cooper mjc at cooper.org.uk
Wed Aug 20 19:55:35 EDT 2003

Michael Loftis <mloftis at wgops.com> writes:

> The one issue I had with hem was that the RSM would process switch EVERY 
> packet ont he Default VLAN on it's internal/backplane 'trunk' interfaces. 
> So you had to (assuming defaults) totally avoid Vlan1 at all costs in order 
> to get anything more than about 80mbit out of it.

Newer CatOS versions let you switch off Vlan1 on trunk interfaces,
so you could prevent Ethernet frames not destined for the RSM's IP
interface on Vlan1 from being bridged to the RSM only to be binned.



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