[nsp] 7200's and DC power

Dmitri Kalintsev dek at hades.uz
Thu Aug 21 11:28:13 EDT 2003

Hi Matt,

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 03:42:06PM -0400, Matt Stockdale wrote:
> We're looking to retrofit some of our 7200's (both VXR and non-VXR) to
> use DC power.. They will be aggregating Channelized T3 circuits,
> generally w/ PA-MC-T3 cards (one of them will be using the older
> full-length cards, don't know the part number off the top of my head)
> Is this really just as simple as replacing the AC power supplies with
> the DC version? Any caveats?

Just don't mix AC and DC PS's in the same chassis. ;) It's "not supported"


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