[nsp] verifying IOS

Brian Wallingford brian at meganet.net
Wed Jan 15 22:19:05 EST 2003

When you "copy tftp slot:N", the crc check is automatic.  If it fails, it
will indicate such immediately after completion.

The same applies to copy tftp flash:, for the appropriate platforms.


On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Benjie Ko wrote:

:How can I verify  the integrity of new IOS just copied
:into an ATA PCMCIA installed at disk0 on a 7200?
:dir disk0 would give the correct size, however on
:pcmcia flash installed at slot0 or slot1, it is also
:possible to view the CRC of the IOS via show flash.
:show disk0 just gives the ata flash card geometry  and
:format info.
:Executing show flash looks at slot0 which is empty.

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