[[nsp] Source-only reflexive ACLs]

Robert Viau rviau at wcom.ca
Thu Jan 23 14:36:35 EST 2003

When I first read your response I thought "Of course!  Why didn't I think of
that?" but, I'm afraid it doesn't work :

1605#sh access-list reflect-testtest
Reflexive IP access list reflect-testtest
    permit tcp host eq telnet host eq 43290 (1
match) (time left 295)
1605#sh access-list testtest
Extended IP access list testtest
    permit tcp any host syn reflect reflect-testtest
    permit ip any any (2400 matches)

I was matching 'any any' previously and it was creating the exact same
entries in the reflective ACL.

Any other ideas?

I'm running 12.2.13T btw.

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use the 'any' statement

ip access-list ext reflexive
permit <protocol> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx any reflect

"Robert Viau" <rviau at wcom.ca> wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is anyway to have a reflexive ACL built with
> the source address and port of the triggering packet instead of source and
> destination?
> I can't find anything on cisco.com.
> Thanks,
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