[nsp] mac accounting broken ?

Jan Czmok czmok at gatel.net
Fri Mar 7 15:18:11 EST 2003

Hi all ...

we have recently deployed some new ios versions and it seems either the
MIB has changed or the thingie is broken.

i am using the bgp-peers-1.5.pl script and the hardware is cisco 7206 
and software is:




config snipped out of the script:

            cipMacSwitchedBytes => "",

and :

Target[$peer]: $OIDS{cipMacSwitchedBytes}.$interface{index}.1.$peer{$peer}->{PhysAddress}\&$OIDS{cipMacSwitchedBytes}.$interface{index}.2.$peer{$peer}->{PhysAddress}:$community\@$interface{ip}

its generating:

192.0:public at

but it does not after all :-(

any hints or clues?


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