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Thanks for the info .. We have 7206VXR's with approx. 600 PVC's with
mixes of T-1's and xDSL clients .. To date the routers CPU's average
20%, what we are concerned about is the backplane and how well its
handling the traffic .. 


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Our Redback sms100 handles over 200 1.5down, 256k up pvc's without a
hiccup.  This includes doing PPoa AAA to radius, filtering and
anti-spoofing, and per VC bandwidth monitoring.  When they lived on a
7206vxr, we had to shuffle some other things off to other boxes because
of CPU load. 

The only thing I don't like about it so far is that it won't boot off of
a non-redback Flash card.  Read/Write are okay, just won't boot.  I am
strongly opposed to companies that deliberately make hardware
incomatible with standardized third party components.  (Here's the logic
behind that:   It's 4:00 a.m. and a flashcard fails.  I have to boot off
of TFTP instead of using one of the half-dozen spare flash cards I have.
If I want a hot spare, I have to buy a $300 dollar flash card that is
functionally idenetical to the $30 cards I already have.)


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The redback is designed specifically for high-density pvc handling.  It
offers much more flexibility than Cisco (e.g., pvc's or vpi/vci's can be
mapped at layer 2 to vlans or vc's on other trunks, or may be simply
routed/bridged).  Your model choice will be based primarily on the port
density you need.  I'll second the recommendation.

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Brian Watters wrote:

:Hmm .. Ok can you share the reasons why? .. Did you see a performance
:increase from the 720x series to the RedBack and if so where and how
:many PVC's on the Cisco vs the Redback? .. What model Redback?
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:We switched to redback equipment for Xdsl pcv's and have been extremely
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:Hello all,
:WE are looking for some real world advice as to how many PVC's can be
:safely run on a 7206VXR, these routers are being used as xDSL and T-1
ag :routers and have a ATM T-3 card on them that we provision PVC's
(xDSL) :on .. 

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