[nsp] Debug IP routing output

RocketMail (E-mail) steveo at rocketmail.com
Mon Mar 10 15:14:13 EST 2003

I have just been debugging routing on a 7200 running c7200-js-mz.122-13.T1.bin after all the routing changes had taken place I
continue to get the following output every 60 seconds?

*Mar 10 14:54:25.280: RT(INTERNET): NET-RED
*Mar 10 14:54:25.280: RT(INTERNET): NET-RED queued, Queue size 1
*Mar 10 14:54:25.280: RT(INET-DSL): NET-RED
*Mar 10 14:54:25.280: RT(INET-DSL): NET-RED queued, Queue size 2
*Mar 10 14:54:25.284: RT(VBAK-INET-DSL): NET-RED
*Mar 10 14:54:25.284: RT(VBAK-INET-DSL): NET-RED queued, Queue size 3

Does any one know what this is, I don't see it on any other box I'm running, and they have the same routing protocols etc..

Thanks in advance..


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