[nsp] ip load-sharing per-packet - cef accelerated ?

Voll, Scott Scott.Voll at wesd.org
Mon Mar 10 15:19:16 EST 2003

Some Video conferencing equipment just won't work with the packets out
of order.

But on the other hand..... I've been having problems getting the ip
load-sharing per-packet working.  My problem is with the a school
district that has a proxy.  All traffic is coming from one source and
coming back to one destination.  I get per packet going away from the
school but it does per destination going back.  (Yes, I do have per
packet enable on all interfaces ;-)


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> My understanding is that 'ip load-sharing per-packet' is CEF 
> accelerated,
> yes?


> Just trying to understand why some providers won't support per-packet 
> CEF.

Because you'll reorder microflows, which can cause performance 
problems, or far worse, with _many applications.


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