[nsp] ip load-sharing per-packet - cef accelerated ?

Sean Crocker crockers at mail.trinicom.com
Wed Mar 12 07:22:13 EST 2003

I could swear that doc was freely available on CCO, but cannot find
it.  CSCdm87756 is the bug.  I suppose people would have to ask their
account teams about details if they don't already know, although the
nature of the problem is simple enough to describe.


>I used to have an excellent ip cef LB doc (written by Neil J) that
>described every option and the potential problem it solved.
>Unfortunately, I can't seem to locate it. I believe it's also documented
>in a DDTS. Maybe someone from cisco will chime in since I highly suspect
>they know what doc I'm referring to. :-) Of course, it might also be
>outdated by now...

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