[nsp] Load Balance unequal Local Preference's?

Jim Devane jim at powerpulse.cc
Thu Mar 13 10:59:36 EST 2003


I am trying to figure a way to make a "class of service" based on combinations of my upstream providers. For example, I have Cogent, WilTel, UUNet and ELI. I want to be able to have some customers only have Cognet and ELI available to them, others I want to allow all four, and yet others have UUNet and Wiltel only.

The problem is I only have 2 routers Cogent and UUnet on one and Wiltel and ELI on the other. I have my own dark fiber between the two routers and run IBGP over the link.

I am just not sure what is out there that will allow me to load balance certain connections. I thought of assigning a difference local preference to each link, but I am unclear as how to load balance over unequal LOC-PREF's!!

Any thoughts, suggestions? 

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