[nsp] real differences? (PA-T3 vs. PA-T3+)

Josh Richards jrichard at digitalwest.net
Thu Mar 13 21:40:19 EST 2003

What are your *real* world experiences of the differences between 
these two cards?  

I'm aware of the the Kentrox subrate/scrambling disability.  If the 
other end is Cisco equipment then I don't really care about issues 
with Kentrox.  Nor do I care about subrate in my environment.  And, 
if my understanding is correct, scrambling works just fine in 
non-Kentrox mode.

I presume this rings true even if the other end is Cisco but, rather 
then being another PA-T3, is, say, an OC12-DS3 (channelized) linecard?
I've also seen (scant) mention of possible problems the PA-T3 has around
~30 Mbit/s or so whereas the PA-T3+ (supposedly) does not.

What should I really be worried about?

It's quite tempting to buy up PA-T3 cards for our projects when they can 
be had for 1/8 the price of PA-T3+ cards. :-)


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