[nsp] Netflow Questions on a 2621

Burton Windle bwindle at fint.org
Fri Mar 14 15:35:35 EST 2003

We have a 2621 router which averages 60 kilobytes/sec during the day out a
FastEth interface. Its running 12.1(5)T10 with 64mb RAM.  The CPU usage
right now is next to nothing (CPU utilization for five seconds: 5%/4%; one
minute: 5%; five minutes: 5%)

We wish to enable NetFlow stats on this router, to monitor what protocols
are being passed/using the most bandwidth (we already use MRTG).

A) Does this version of IOS/hardware support netflow?
B) Would a 2621 be fast enough to enable NetFlow without adding noticeable
   latency to routing?

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