[nsp] Cisco 10000 ESR

Jim Devane jim at powerpulse.cc
Mon Mar 17 22:18:05 EST 2003

    Hello all,

    I am currently in a search for a PPPoE aggregation box for a large wireless deployment. I came across the 10000 ESR and wanted to know if people had deployed this solution or if there are any thoughts on it. It seems *awfully* expensive, however, if it is worth it, I think I can manage the budget to get it. 
I am also considering using a bunch of 7200 VXR's. I know this is obviously not as nice since the VXR is software based, CPU is not redundant, probably nearly EOS, etc etc etc, but they are available, relatively cheaply, and if one of them goes down I would only lose one tower instead of losing 6 towers with the ESR's 6 port DS-3 blade...tradeoffs, tradeoffs!

Would very much appreciate comments on the ESR or suggestions,

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