[nsp] VPN product recommendation.

Jeff Nelson jnelson at rackspace.com
Tue Mar 18 09:04:35 EST 2003

Terry Baranski(terry at eurocompton.net)@03/03/17 22:47:
> Thanks for the help, Eric.  Comments inline.
> I appreciate your assistance.  Feel free to respond privately (this goes
> for anyone else as well) if we're getting off-topic for the list... Not
> sure what the etiquette is with respect to situation-specific product
> needs.
Please keep me in the loop on this one, if the thread goes private. We've just begun implementing a hub and spoke VPN topology with a 7200 at the hub and 3600's at the remote locations with NM-VPN modules. Our limitations are 750pps on the 3640 and so we're talking about 8MB of traffic or so (and this with optimal packet size). This is about half what we had hoped for (based on the specs). Although we are still implementing it--too late to turn back--we are already looking for a solution that will scale to our needs, at the moment tending toward a *nix based solution, but I'm definitely open to alternatives.
Jeff Nelson

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