[nsp] Catalyst 4507R LAN Edge Routing (BGP)

Temkin, David temkin at sig.com
Wed Mar 19 10:02:31 EST 2003

FYI you can get 6500 equipment used and recertified/eligible for Cisco
maintenance for less than the price point of the 4507R loaded.

Not exactly the info you were looking for, but figured I'd chime in.

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The Cat6K appears to serve many ISP/NSP and production data centers quite
well as a mixed layer2/3 device.  Because of cost, as well as the benefits
of the Supervisor IV (4507) over a minimally equipped Supervisor II (65xx),
we are considering deploying a series of 4507R on our LAN edge.

Does anybody have field experience (or 2nd-hand experience) with 
deploying the 450x in a similar role?  In particular I am curious 
if the layer3 performance/maturity is as good as the 65xx in a 
similar configuration with BGP.

Our environment requires BGPv4 (so we'll need the separate InterDomain
routing license), GigE EtherChannel, and a significant number of layer3/4
ACLs, and VLANs.

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