[nsp] Server Load Balancing Options

Jason Greenberg jg at execulink.com
Wed Mar 26 13:40:20 EST 2003

Hello, would someone please validate this list, and or recommend less
alternatives?  I would appreciate it a lot!

Our requirements: 
	1) Server Load Balancing (IP address translation) LAYER 3 ONLY
	2) Server availability monitoring (ping?)
	3) Redundant Switch Capability (SLB HSRP?)
	4) medium load - DNS, LDAP, mail, radius, etc..

As far as I can tell, my options are

1) 6500 SLB CSM - 40-100 grand ?? what modules are needed here?
2) 6500 cat/native OS SLB ??? what modules are needed here?
3) 4840G - 30 grand
4) 7200 Router IOS SLB <- 10 grand
5) IOS NAT on a 3640?? <- no high availability here, but cheap...

Here is my question - is there anything that is not so bloody expensive
that will do medium load SLB for an ISP?

Jason Greenberg, CCIE #11021
Network Administrator
Execulink, Inc.
<jg at execulink.com>

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