[nsp] Server Load Balancing Options

Simon Hamilton-Wilkes simon at jettis.com
Wed Mar 26 11:29:28 EST 2003

We're using IOS SLB on the 6500 and 7200.
IOS SLB only supports 500 VIPs so we have a pair of CSMs on order, yes
they are expensive, but are worthwhile if you have multi gigabit throughput.

The IOS SLB I have been pretty impressed by, scalability aside.  We have the
NPE-G1s in our 7200s and CPU is not a problem.  We have RADIUS / VPN / HTTP
HTTPS / SSH etc behind the LB with no problems.

My only issue is with reporting, I want to run MRTG against the individual
shout out anyone who's got that working!

The HA is dealt with by HSRP as you say between multiple chassis, or by RPR+
within a chassis which works for us - I've used it to upgrade IOS with only
a 35 second outage.

I don't see how you could price 7200 IOS SLB so cheap, the feature set alone
to support it is 5K + the hardware.

Simon Hamilton-Wilkes, CCIE #9448

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Hello, would someone please validate this list, and or recommend less
alternatives?  I would appreciate it a lot!

Our requirements:
	1) Server Load Balancing (IP address translation) LAYER 3 ONLY
	2) Server availability monitoring (ping?)
	3) Redundant Switch Capability (SLB HSRP?)
	4) medium load - DNS, LDAP, mail, radius, etc..

As far as I can tell, my options are

1) 6500 SLB CSM - 40-100 grand ?? what modules are needed here?
2) 6500 cat/native OS SLB ??? what modules are needed here?
3) 4840G - 30 grand
4) 7200 Router IOS SLB <- 10 grand
5) IOS NAT on a 3640?? <- no high availability here, but cheap...

Here is my question - is there anything that is not so bloody expensive
that will do medium load SLB for an ISP?

Jason Greenberg, CCIE #11021
Network Administrator
Execulink, Inc.
<jg at execulink.com>

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