[nsp] PPPoE over serial link.

Rafa Marín López rafa at dif.um.es
Thu Mar 27 16:36:56 EST 2003

Then , if I used L2TP  could I encapsulate PPPoE frames over L2TP in 
order to send them to another router? Take a look my  figure (see 
below). I 'd like to establish PPPoE connections from my client to my 
router 3600 through my router 2600 . Could I do this?

Jack.W.Parks at alltel.com escribió:

>Off the top of my head...
>I would use L2TP.  PPP cannot traverse "routed" links w/o a tunneling mechanism.  I think bridging the interface together should work, but is not scalable.
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>Hello all
>I would like to know if it is possible to transport PPPoE connections 
>over a serial link. My actual configuration is:
>FreeBSD                  <------------------>  CPE (cisco 2600) 
><------------------> NAS (3600)
>(PPPoE client)                   Ethernet                             
>                     PPP serial link                PPPoE server
>My question is how could I encapsulate PPPoE client's request to PPPoE 
>server over PPP serial link? is it possible?
>Thank you very much.

Rafael Marin Lopez
Faculty of Computer Science-University of Murcia
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