[nsp] Bandwidth Cap Question

charles spamington spamscanner at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 17:35:44 EST 2003

	I have a 6500 running in native mode, and I'm
wondering whats the best way to cap VLANs or specific
subnets. I've tried setting up Qos Policers for 1Mbps
but it did not work well at all, and was only able to
do a few kB/s. TAC told me its because of TCP and
theres no way around it.

I do have the 6500 connected to a 7200 for upstream
connectivity, is it better to just do it there? (on a
wan rounter!). It seems to me like many people have
these simple 'caps' in place but its turning into a
complex issue for me, how does everyone else cap
clients with cisco equipment?

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