[nsp] atm map-list command

Scott Morris swm at emanon.com
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Actually, your subinterface has a 'map-group foo' command on it.
Separate in your config, you have the 'map-list foo' with the statements
that you indicate.

But you are correct that the list would indicate the IP address of the
other side.  Very similar to the way that 'frame-relay map ip'
statements map the other side's reachable IP to a DLCI.

If you don't want to use the map-lists, you can map individual pvc's in
the "new" method.

Interface atm2/0/1.101
 pvc 4/40
  encapsulation aal5snap
  protocol ip broadcast
 pvc 4/41
  encapsulation aal5snap
  protocol ip broadcast


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While I've not been able to track it down in the 12.2 config/command
references (had to resort to outside sources), I'm wondering if my idea
of what this does is correct.

In the following example, there are a group of adsl customers coming in
one per pvc on an atm subinterface.  They all have manually-assigned
static IPs, and the subinterface has a "map-list foo" statement on it,
with map list "foo" looking like:

ip atm-vc 102 broadcast
ip atm-vc 103 broadcast

This implies that I'm "locking" an IP to a particular PVC, but absent
the docs (which oddly only list this as a frame relay command for 12.2),
I'm not positive this is actually doing anything.

Can anyone clarify this issue?

We will, as time permits, be moving all adsl customers to RBE, and I
assume that at that point this will all be moot.



Charles Sprickman
spork at inch.com

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