[nsp] Radius + AAA config problem

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Mon Mar 31 10:22:40 EST 2003


>                  I m using Interlink's Radius 5.0.2
> and Cisco 7200 as a NAS,which accept PPPoE dial-in
> connection. I want to restrict the per user session
> only 1 oras defined in LDAP for that user but i m not
> able to do it.
> I have specified  "Simultaneous-Use = 1" in user file
> of radius but still per user session will be more then
> 1.
> How to sort our this issue ???
> or is it a bug ?????
> Anything special required for this to work ???

On the LAC/NAS you don't need to configure anything but radius
authentication/authorization as well as accounting to the Interlink
server. Session-control is totally up to the Radius server, so you might
want to check with Interlink Docs/FAQ/Support if it isn't working.
Google brings up http://www.interlinknetworks.com/support/faq7-1-3.htm#2
Please make sure to configure radius accounting, radius servers can only
keep track of sessions when they receive accounting records.


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